To Become An African Millionaire, it all boils down to Relationships

There is amazing talent in Africa, ingenious business ideas. One missing ingredient amongst the African businesses is lack of robust business relationships.

In the west, attaining, nursing and nurturing personal and business relationships has proven to be a key ingredient in becoming successful.

We are going to feature some interesting and motivating articles on the need to network as an African businessman in order to boost your finances and improve your social life.

This week we feature a veteran networker, Keith Ferrazzi who will outline the importance of building relationships, business and personal for your ultimate success, financially and personally.

Remember: It is not whom you know, but who knows you! It does not matter if you know the son of the president of Nigeria, what matters is if he knows you. Relationships, relationships, relationships! You will realize that those who know a lot of people, or whom many people know of, are very successful. Your network is proportional to the number of people who know you and whom you know.
watch Keith's video below:

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