Making millions of money in the diaspora Meet Gabriel Rwamba from Kenya

Gabriel Rwamba went from having no money to owning several recruitment agencies in the UK. A a self-made millionaire with over 8,000 employees in his firm, his company, Eulink Recruitment Company recruits temporary workers for the social and healthcare industry. It has several branches, and an annual turnover in excess of £8 million. Born in Othaya, Nyeri, Rwamba attended Kagumo and Alliance high schools. He studied economics at the University of Nairobi and obtained a Masters degree in finance from Thames Valley University, London, in the course of his entrepreneurial adventures.

Recently, Rwamba teamed up with Steven Kimemia, a former schoolmate at Alliance High School, to launch EaseMove Estates Agency, a venture that is taking the property market in northwest England by storm. EaseMove Estates deals with property sales, renting, conveyancing and mortgaging. EaseMove Estates is currently negotiating with Spanish and American property developers to facilitate the acquisition by Kenyans of holiday homes in Spain and Florida.

He plans to move back to Kenya at some point in the future, but we celebrate his making a positive difference in the diaspora, while he is here.

Source: Alliance High School Alumni Page

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