AFRICAN MILLIONAIRE Ali A. Mufuruki Chairman & CEO, Infotech Investment Group LTD

Mr. Ali Mufuruki is the Executive Chairman of InfoTech Investment Group LTD, based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The family owned Infotech Investment Group Limited has controlling interests in M&M Communications Limited, a leading advertising agency in Tanzania, Infotech Computers Limited, an IT and Telecoms Services Company, W-Stores Co LTD, the operator of the WOOLWORTHS franchise in Tanzania and Uganda and IIG Retail LTD, the operator of the Levi’s franchise in Tanzania.
Mr. Mufuruki graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering design from The Fachhochschule for Technology and Economics in Reutlingen, Germany. He previously worked for Daimler-Benz (now DaimlerChrysler) in Germany as an engineer in the planning division.  He was also head of mechanical engineering design at National Engineering Co. Ltd, based in Dar es Salaam before retiring to start Infotech Computers Ltd in 1989.
Mr. Mufuruki is currently the Lead CEO of the Tanzania CEOs’ Roundtable that brings together CEOs of the top 50 companies in Tanzania, and is Chairman of the national carrier – Air Tanzania Company Limited. He is also the Chairman of Mwananchi Communications Limited, the publishers of leading Kiswahili and English daily newspapers in Tanzania (Mwananchi and The Citizen).
Mr. Mufuruki also sits on the boards of Nairobi, Kenya-based Nation Media Group LTD, Tourism Promotion Services East Africa also of Kenya, Stanbic Bank Tanzania LTD and is a trustee of Social Action Trust Fund, a USAID funded non-profit organisation that supports children made vulnerable by HIV Aids. He is a member of the Presidential Investors Roundtable (IIRT) that advises the President of Tanzania on a wide range of economic policy issues.
He is a Henry Crown Fellow of the Aspen Institute and Chairman of the Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI), East Africa. Mr. Mufuruki lives in Dar es Salaam with his wife Saada and four children.

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