Hanson Sindowe One of Zambia Richest People

Hanson Sindowe is the Executive Chairman of Copperbelt Energy Corporation. CEC’s objective is to become the leading Zambian investor, developer, and operator of energy infrastructure in Africa by providing innovative solutions and building strategic partnerships through committed professional teams. CEC was formed in 1997 out of the privatization of Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines.
As Executive Chairman Mr. Hanson Sindowe is chairman of the CEC board. He took this appointment in 2006 when Zam-En (a company he is the co-founder and Managing Director of) acquired the majority shareholding of CEC. Mr. Sindowe is responsible for developing CEC’s future business opportunities. He has over 25 years in the mining business, and he previously served as General Manager of ZCCM’s power division and Managing Director of Zambia Railways. He has a wide range of experience at the senior management level.
Mr. Hanson Sindowe received his Bachelor of Arts in Electrical Engineering and Management at the University of Zambia, and a degree in Senior Management from Penn State. He was recently elected Chairman of the Zambia Chamber of Commerce.
Mr. Sindowe is dedicated husband and family man. He has four children: Muleya, Sammy, Nobby, and Hanson Jr. He enjoys golfing in being both a fan of the game and an avid player.


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