Mathews Hamutenya Namibia Millionaire

“It’s a Boy!”
Always an early bird, Mathews Taapopi Hamutenya was born in the early hours of 27 December 1968, in Windhoek, to be welcomed by his proud parents Victoria and Simeon Hamutenya. His early years were spent in a close nit family with six siblings who reveled in the new addition to the Hamutenya family.
“A Quiet Rural Youth”
Due to work commitments of his parents in the city, Mathews grew up in the caring environment of his grandparents, Naemi and Lucas Dama in Okalongo in the Omashati Region where he completed his preschool. He still fondly remembers those idyllic years where he played typical children’s games with his many friends between the palmtrees and oshanas – playing hide and seek and catching small fish in summer. Like all childhood’s this could not last forever and soon Mathews had to leave his grandparents village to attend primary school in Oshakati.
In Oshakati Mathews went to live with his Uncle, Simon Kapwepwe. He completed his primary school years at Oshakati Preprimary School and thereafter Oshakati Secondary School. He soon left Oshakati Secondary School and located to Gibeon where he attended the Gibeon AME Community School until the end of Standard 7. Mathews excelled in school – especially in mathematics with regard to which he was nationally recognized.
“Moving to the City”
At the beginning of Standard 8, Mathews’ mother called her son to come live with her in Windhoek where she had started her own business. In Windhoek Mathews attended Shifidi High School from Standard 8 to Standard 9. Already at this young age Mathews showed his keen sense for business by selling “vetkoekies” and vegetables on the streets of Katatura every day after school and homework. He much enjoyed those years living under the care of his mother who has always been a role-model and inspiration for him and guided his own entrepreneurial spirit. Even today he remains close to his parents who regularly come to Windhoek to visit him. Mathews will always remember the principles his mother believed in. One of her favourite mottos was that “to be happy and successful you must look after yourself first, only then can you begin to look after others”.
Mathews finished his final school year in Ongwendiva and was ready to enter, as did all his contemporaries in a political system where very little opportunities existed for further studies, the after-school workforce.
“From Taking a Job to Creating Jobs”

In his first job, Mathews found himself in the Namibian mining industry as a geologist assistant for TCL Mines involved in the mining of copper in the north of Namibia. Not wanting to limit his experience, he soon moved from that job to become a recreation officer at NAMDEB Mine, which was then the only diamond producing company in Namibia.
Mathews always knew that he was destined for bigger things and that one cannot wait for life to throw you the big fish – you can wait forever – rather get the right tools and catch your own big fish. So Mathews returned to Windhoek to change from white diamonds to “black diamonds” (oil). As part of their BEE programme, Caltex (today Chevron Namibia (Pty) Ltd) was looking for a young businessman to operate one of their prime sites in Katatura. This was an opportunity not to be passed, and in 1992 Mathews invested N$ 60 000.00 in the Namibian petroleum retail industry and with the assistance of Caltex opened Hakana Service Station. Up to today, Hakana SS remains one of the flagship subsidiaries of the Millennium Group. With some help from Caltex, Mathews co-funded his studies at Woodlands High (South Africa) in Leadership and Financial Management, which he completed successfully in 1994. Those were busy times since Mathews had to return to Windhoek every three months to keep a hand on his business there (which, in the mean time, included a clothing store and property development). Mathews first experience in property development entailed buying houses in Katatura and selling them to prospective house owners for a neat profit.
Mathews, with his savvy busines sense and drive to explore business opportunities, went from strength to strength and became involved in many sectors of the Namibian industries creating a formidable business empire.
“A New Millennium”
As Mathews business interest expanded, it was clear that he needed a vehicle under which to consolidate these various interests and thus Millennium Investment (Pty) Ltd was born. The Millennium Group encompasses companies in diverse fields including property development, investment, IT, diamond processing, tourism, commercial aviation and fuel. As executive director, Mathews remains actively involved in the day-to-day running of the Millennium Group. His his presence ensures the success of the Group.
Not having had the opportunity to study further after the completion of Grade 12, Mathews remained keen to augment his acute business skills through further studies. In 2006 he enrolled for a post-graduate diploma in Business Administration Management at the Bradford University, School of Management. He completed his diploma successfully in 2008. He subsequently enrolled at the same institution for an MBA, which he will complete in September 2009.
“The Family Man and Bachelor Life”
His first priority is, of course, his two wonderful sons, Miquel (age 13) and Ennio (age 11). Mathews is a great dad and and him and his sons are close to one another. Mathews spends as much time as possible with his sons and is very involved in their upbringing. Both sons do their father proud and excel in both academics and sports – “apples that did not land far from the tree”.
Mathews appears to be committed to a bachelor’s lifestyle and is frequently seen around town where he is a popular patron of what the Namibian night life offers.
“In His Own Time”
It is not all-hard work for Mathews, and in his own time, he has many interests, which he pursues. With a love for flying (piloting) it was not strange that Mathews obtained his private pilot licence in 2005 and he retained this avid interest in aviation.
Although his current MBA studies do keep him quite busy, Mathews does find time to do some reading especially biographies of people he admires. Believing in a balanced and healthy approach to life, Mathews spends early morning time in the gym. He is also a keen golfer (a game in which a small hard ball is struck in the fewest possible strokes with a set clubs into a hole).
Mathews and his family love travelling (both locally and abroad) and family holidays are spent in both familiar and exotic places: from visiting the family in the North of Namibia with a campervan to skiing in Switzerland and swimming in the Caribbean sea.
“Giving Back”
“No man is an island” and similarly Mathews believes in giving back to the community – both in his personal capacity as well as through his companies. The Millennium Group has an annual fundraising whereby money, clothes, food and gifts are collected and then donated to deserving orphanages in Windhoek. With a keen interest in sports (especially soccer), Mathews is undertaking to sponsor a local soccer team.
Mathews is truly a man of his time and is an inspiration to all Namibians of what we can achieve if we believe in ourselves and actively seek and pursue the opportunities that life holds for us.


Mathews Hamutenya Profile

Mr Mathew Taapopi Hamutenya (MTH) is an entrepreneur and a focused visionary leader on a mission to live a life of legacy for future generations. He grew up in Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. At a very early age Mathews began showing an interest in business ventures and today he is a well known business man and entrepreneur in Namibia.
His successes and accomplishments in the entrepreneurial and leadership world have attracted untold recognition by local and international observers. MTH is a classical definition of success in all ramifications, and possesses common characteristics that are shared by successful business people, which is a strong desire to get things going.
The Namibian Business Mogul did not just get things going, he got things going and has made sure that they have taken him places and given him international recognition and awards.
In 2011, Millennium Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd, under the leadership of Mr Hamutenya, received the Century International Quality ERA Award in the gold category in Geneva, Switzerland. Awards organised by Business Initiative Directions (BID). Through this, Millennium Investment Holdings was recognised for its commitment to quality and excellence, leadership technology and innovation that spruces up the success for Namibia in the business world.

The internationally recognised Entrepreneur has a commendable track in the Namibian business environment which is proven through the success of his companies in a number of fields, which includes Property Development and management, Consultancy, Minerals exploration and processing, Fishing, Financial Services, Commercial Aviation retail of Petroleum Products etc.
MTH started his business venture at early age without business academic background.  He later obtained his Post-graduate Diploma in Business Administration as well as an MBA in Business Administration from Bradford’s University’s (UK) School of Management. He also bagged a Financial Business Management Certificate from Woodland Height College in Cape Town.
MTH is a classical example of success, as he overcomes poverty to become one of the most powerful and sought- after men in today’s business.
In the philanthropic world, the business leadership award winner is not left out. In terms of community development and social responsibilities, Millennium Group provides food items and house-hold materials to different orphanage homes annually. There are over 15 students studying at different  Universities and Polytechnic of Namibia on the Marenica Millennium Community Trust bursary scheme, (A trust owned by Millennium Group and Marenica Energy Australia) to support the financially disadvantaged students in their academic pursuit.
MTH displays of acute business acumen have earned him directorship to different boards. One of such is his appointment as a Director in the Board of National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (NAMCOR), where is he currently serving as the Vice-Chairman and the head of Technical Committee.
Mr. Hamutenya has a blend of personal and business life and established deep, enduring relationships with his customers, ensuring that his legacy continuously grows.

Millennium Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd, under the leadership of Mr Hamutenya, has scoop a lot of quality and entrepreneurial awards.
Below are the summary of the awards the MTH had bagged in recognition of his entrepreneurial prowess:

YEAR: 2009              
AWARD: Laureate of the Namibia Business Hall of Fame award.
YEAR: 2010              
AWARD: Nouveau Leader Du future Crans Montana (New Leaders for tomorrow) award.
YEAR: 2011              
AWARD: Century International Quality ERA Award in the gold category in Geneva, Switzerland.

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