Anne Thandeka Gebhardt

I, Anne Thandeka Gebhardt , am the Managing Director and the Property Specialist of National Estates cc and a Professional Business woman for the last 18years . I entered the Real Estate Market in April 1990 as an employee estate agent of Southern Estates (Pty) Ltd - the then largest estate agency – Southern Estates. This is where I gained vast experience in the Real Estate Business with Christo Van Niekerk as my mentor, my employer and later my business partner

This background backed up the performance of National Estates cc since 1995. I have acquired a name in the Real Estate market because of the Intellectual Property that I have gathered within this period of our existence and the specialized services that we offer, some of which are :

Selling , Buying , Letting and Hiring Residential Properties in all areas in Windhoek.

We do the same also for the Commercial and Industry properties.

We offer Specialized Property Management Services i.e. not only collect rental for the Landlord, but also manage and maintain the rented properties.

As a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) I assist property owners with the evaluation of their properties and giving them market related advise as to how to best utilize their properties i.e.

When is it the best time to buy or sell.

What is the recommended rental amount to pay on the property – according to various factors that affect the rental

What renovations need to be done to maintain the value and ensure appreciation of the property all the time. Etc.

As I have been in the business since the Independence of Namibia,1990, I offer relevant information that the new comers to Namibia may wish to have in as far as property is concerned . I also took it as my responsibility and profession to provide training to people wanting to become Estate Agents in Namibia , and also those who are practicing already but feel the need for empowering themselves in the profession. For this I registered a training company called NATIONAL PROPERTY ACADEMY cc (NPA) in 1993. It is also through NPA that I conduct specialized in house training to institutions that require my services in as far as Real Estate and Property Development is concerned.

I have a few special clients as reference and am proud to mention them. Besides the normal one to one business that I do with individual buyers , sellers , landlords and tenants, I have worked with the following institutions:

The Malawi Government , when they closed their operations as an embassy in Namibia, left all their 5 properties with National Estates to manage for them i.e. Market their properties, maintainte them , find tenants , collect rental, deposit monies in their account , pay the City of Windhoek etc.. We have done this successfully for the last 5years.

We have managed the properties of the Nigeria High Commission for about 8years now. Most of the Namibian Diplomats –individuals- , who are based at various countries as ambassadors leave their properties with us to manage on their behalf.

Shell Namibia - we manage their rented shops in Windhoek since 1990. I took over this service from Southern Estates in 1995 to date.

Hanover Namibia is a company that started property development in Ongwedhiva, and appointed National Estates as their consultant in their Real Estate Project. We worked with them from the design of the properties to build up to the training of the staff that was to sell the properties.

The Ministry of Regional & Local Government, Housing and Housing and Rural Development involved us with the training of the staff dealing with The Build Together Project.

Having served as a member of the Namibia Estate Agents Board for 12years, I have have a very good understanding of how to professionally deal with my clients and comply with the Code of Conduct.

To make sure that National Estates cc maintains its respect in society and the nation at large, I have successfully completed a special course with UNISA on CORPORATE REAL ESTATE ASSET MANAGEMENT. I am now even more professionally prepared to manage the real estate portfolio of any company / institution i.e. Government,Banks , parastatals and individual companies.

National Estates and National Property Academy cc is registered with the ministry of trade and industry, and has a current Fidelity Fund Certificate to practice as an Estate Agency company. We are very proud of our performance thus far, and given an opportunity, we are sure to excel in Professionalism and service.

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