Zambian Millionaire Dr.KIRAN PATEL Medical Doctor and Entrepreneur

A Doctor by Profession,
Successful Entrepreneur,
Well Known Social Activist and
A Generous Donor for Philanthropic work.

A generous and humble person by nature, who always try to do something for the cause of social upliftment and the amelioration of existing social conditions of the people of his native land, Dr. Kiran Patel still feel that he has to walk a long way to achieve the goal and vision formed in his mind. He never takes credit for the work he has done for them or never look back the result of his achievements. Though he is not a saint or philosopher, his benevolent actions for the noble cause borne in his mind is slowly and steadily transforming an area which is away from the hustles and bustles of urban life and enrooted in the traditional moorings, social beliefs, age old customs and culture to a vibrant, self-sustained, confident land to compete with the well developed urban areas of the State of Gujarat. Thus a silent revolution is slowly taking place in and around the area of Mota Fofalia to which he has the emotional bonds and affection as his parents were hailing from this village located in Shinor Taluka of Vadodara District.

Dr. Kiran Patel was borne at Zambia in South Africa on 10th March, 1949, who is the eldest son of late Shri Chhotubhai A. Patel and Smt. Savitaben. His father Shri Chhotubhai A. Patel was a Teacher by profession and his entire family was very much involved in the development of educational activities at their native place – Mota Fofalia. He was educated at Zambia in the beginning and later on after obtaining Diploma from University of Cambridge and University of London, he came to Gujarat, India in 70s and pursued his medical graduation at Gujarat University. His quench for achieving added qualification in the area of medical profession led him to undergo the Cardiology Fellowship at Columbia University in America and in this area too he came out with astounding success.

He initially started his private practice at Tampa Bay area in America in 80s and within a short span of time; he could built a belt of about 14 practices in different parts of the country. As such the knowledge and skills in management that he inherited from his
father was quite useful in excelling as the owner of Billion Dollar Health Insurance Company within a short span of time.

Being a successful entrepreneur in the areas of education and business, he could earn a lot of money and he was having a feeling that whatever he earned is from the society should be spent for the upliftment of the people of his own native place, as majority of them were suffering from acute poverty and they were deprived of the basic facilities such as health care and sanitation. Thus, he started his social activities with an aim to help the downtrodden people of his native land out of his hard earned money by establishing a 50-bed facility hospital at his native village – Mota Fofalia in Vadodara District (Gujarat) to fulfill the last wishes of his father. As an experienced Doctor and also due to his immense desire in social service, he could build a successful Model Community Health Centre with the cooperation of Government to provide health related services to the needy people of rural area under Public-Private partnership. Further, he also initiated for a building an English Medium school along with a large modern sports complex of international standard at the cost of about Rs. 10 crores.

If we quote the words of renowned film actor and social activist late Shri Sunil Dutt, the greatness of Dr. Kiran Patel is his affection and compassion towards the poor and downtrodden tribal people of his native place – Mota Fofalia - while living a luxurious life in his adopted country. There was a time that about 1600 people of the total 2700 population of this village were going for their natural calls at open places around the village. In order to stop this bad habit of villagers, he took up the responsibility with the cooperation and guidance of the Government; individual toilets were built for each and every family in the village by donating a large amount from his corpus fund earmarked for social upliftment. This revolutionary act on his part made a great impact amongst the people of the village and resulted in the increased awareness to maintain the necessity and benefit of personal hygiene and sanitation in their daily life. The net result of this project was the elimination of most of the water borne and other infectious diseases from the village. The task accomplished by the committed work and cooperation of the local leaders, volunteers, social workers under the command and inspiration of Dr. Kiran Patel was appreciated by the Indian Government and has been awarded President’s Award for the cleanest village in India.

He thereafter became the President of the American Association of the Physicians of
Indian Origin (AAPI) in the year 2003. Further, he has also made his contribution
for the reconstruction and rehabilitation work in the earthquake affected areas that struck in and around the area of Bhuj (Gujarat) in the year 2001. He was instrumental for building hospitals for the villages of Kalavad, Nikava, Dhrol and Jodia of Jamnagar District and took up the reconstruction of Dahisara village and also built an orphanage at Shinoy village at the cost of about Rs. 10 Crores.
He thought it fit to repay the debt to his adopted country from where he made fortunes and thus he offered a huge sum of Rs. 155 crores to the University of South Florida located at Tampa Bay creating ripples and astonishment amongst the locals, and making proud of Gujarati community in America. Further, he was also responsible for planning a programme of Hope Scholarship for the poor children in America which would benefit about 100 students every year for their further studies. Further, he also generously donated for controlling the dreaded disease like HIV AIDS in India under the Chart Indian Programme of University of South Florida and initiated in creating public awareness on HIV AIDS and its preventive measures, imparting health education and treatment of this dreaded disease.

He was also on the forefront in providing guidelines and donating a huge sum to build a Heart and HIV AIDS Hospital at his birth place, Zambia in South Africa.

At present he is holding prominent positions and discharging responsibilities in his capacities as the President of Patel Foundation for Global Understanding in America, Chief Patron of Shakti Krupa Charitable Trust and one of the Board of Trustees of University of South Florida, America-India Foundation, American Association of Physicins of Indian origin . In view of his long experience in administrative affairs and social service, he is rendering his valuable services to these renowned organizations on various capacities to realize its aims and objectives.

It is quite often said that there is a hidden hand of a woman in the life of every successful man. The contribution and cooperation of his wife, Dr. Pallaviben Patel and the blessing and culture given to her son by his mother, Savitaben are the best examples in this context. Ultimately the inspiration and the whole hearted support of his three children and brothers, Dr. Dinesh Patel and Mr. Pradip Patel give him encouragement and pride to remain as the Guardian of the family.

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