Wellington Chadehumbe Zimbabwean Millionaire Venture Capitalist

Wellington Chadehumbe is currently CEO of http://www.triumphvc.co.za/
Wellington Chadehumbe is an internationally trained investment
banker and venture capitalist. He holds 3 degrees: a Bachelor of
Science (Honors) Degree in Economics, a Master of Science
Degree in Economics and an MBA. Wellington received investment
management training from Alliance Capital Management PLC
(USA), UAL Merchant Bank (RSA), and Bard Investment Services
(Zimbabwe). Wellington has also attended numerous venture
capital courses in the USA, Asia and South Africa.
Wellington started his investment management career in 1991 as
an investment analyst with Bard Investment Services. In 1993, he
established an investment management business for the Merchant
Bank of Central Africa (MBCA) in Zimbabwe. The business grew to
manage a portfolio close to the equivalent of US$ 50 million in 3

In 1994, Wellington was part of a team comprising investment professionals from Alliance
Capital Management PLC (USA), Investec (RSA) and MBCA (Zimbabwe) that jointly established the
Southern Africa Fund, a US$ 150 million closed-end regional investment fund earmarked for
Southern African listed equities. The Southern Africa Fund was listed on the New York Stock
Exchange in February 1994. Wellington was also the Chairman of one of the MBCA's 3 strategic
planning committees.

In 1997, Wellington joined the Southern Africa Enterprise Development Fund (SAEDF) as Vice
President (Investments). SAEDF is a US$ 100 million venture capital firm founded by ex-US
Ambassador Andrew Young to invest in 11 Southern African countries, all of which are members of
SADC. In 1998, Wellington was promoted to Senior Vice President.

At SAEDF Wellington's achievements included the investment he made in Century Bank in 1997,
then a start-up called Leasing Company of Zimbabwe, exclusively focused on leasing. Within four
years Century Bank grew into a diversified financial services firm listed on the Zimbabwe Stock
Exchange with a market capitalization of US$ 40 million. Century Bank's leasing subsidiary is now
the largest leasing company in Zimbabwe. In 2000, Wellington (on behalf of SAEDF), partially
exited from the investment in Century Bank and realized a compound annual return of 45% in US$
terms, despite the massive depreciation of the domestic currency between 1998 and 2000.
Wellington left SAEDF to establish Triumph in July 2001.

On the extramural side, from 1993 to 1996, Wellington was the President of the Zimbabwe
Economics Society, a nationwide discussion forum on economic issues. In this capacity, Wellington
addressed numerous domestic and international symposia on economic issues. His international
addresses include presentations to the Harvard Institute of International Development (USA), the
Chicago State University (USA), the Thunderbird Business School (USA), and the Regional
Conference on Economic Integration (Zambia).

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