Felicia Buthelezi Fisokuhle Media Publisher Millionaire South Africa

Felicia is the founder of Fisokuhle Media, publisher of I Do magazine. Her passion for the state of marriage and her understanding of the ensuing complexities inspired the launch of this critical venture

– one that aims to give hope and inspiration to married couples and those planning to marry.

Felicia started her meteoric rise in the business world when she established a facilities services business eight years ago. Her hard-earned successes, innate business acumen, professionalism and determination led to a trail of prestigious business awards, including one from the Business Women Association the as well as the Umyezane Award. She was also shortlisted by BMF as The Best Upcoming Leader in 2004.

Felicia sits on the UMAKHI Youth Development Institute board, a non-governmental youth initiative based in Cape Town. In conjunction with i do magazine, Felicia established the Fisokuhle Foundation which offers support to marriages that are challenged, while benefiting less-privileged families that are normally without such recourse.

Felicia Buthelezi is a wife, a mother of two boys and a family woman of substance. Her many accolades are a testament to her personal motto: ‘Anything that your mind can conceive is possible’. She is lives by the words pragmatism, quality and excellence.

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