Flex Kabuye Millionaire Uganda

Flex Kayanja Kabuye was born in Rakai District, in 1973. Following elementary education at Kifamba Primary School and Ndejje Secondary School, he enrolled in Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute at Kabanyolo, where he majored in Animal Husbandry. He migrated to the United States in 1993 and enrolled in Howard University where he graduated as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Flex Kayanja Kabuye is a prominent businessman, who resides in Macon, Georgia. He serves as President/CEO of a number of businesses, which he owns. His first business was Kifamba Travel Agency, which he started in 1994. That business was in operation until 1999. In 2000, he started a security alarm dealership, Triple Kings Security Inc., which provided security equipment and monitoring to residential and commercial clients. He sold that business in 2001. That year, he opened JK Procurement and Cleaning Services Inc. This company is involved in construction, real estate investment, contract dealings and supply of materials and labor for small and medium sized jobs in the south-eastern United States.

In 2002, he opened Flexible Security Inc., a security alarm dealership, installation and monitoring service affiliated with Monotonics Inc. This company sells, installs and arranges for the round-the-clock monitoring of security alarm systems for homes and businesses. In 2003, he opened an investment company called TFK and Associates, based in Warner Robins, Georgia. This company invested in gas stations and convenience stores. He sold that business in 2004.

In 2005, Kifamba Zukuka Program, a Ugandan-based NGO, appointed Mr. Kabuye as their Overseas Patron. This NGO was formed by the native sons and daughters of Rakai District in Uganda, to uplift the living standards and improve the welfare of the citizens of the district. As you know, Rakai is the district where the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Uganda started in the 1980’s. The district’s population was decimated by the disease leaving behind numerous orphaned children in households headed by grandparents or by the children themselves. More details are available at www.kifamba.org

In 2006, Mr. Kabuye started Flexible Nursing Care Inc., a Georgia Home Health Agency. He employs Ugandan and other healthcare workers who provide in-home nursing care, as the client may desire. Mr. Kabuye has organized annual trade delegations since 2005. In June 2007, he organized and participated in the first Annual Uganda Medical Mission which took 20 healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, surgeons, pharmacists etc) to the Districts of Kalangala, Rakai, Masaka and Mbarara for a three week charitable mission. In December 2008, Flex Kayanja Kabuye hosted 12 orphans from Nnabbunga Primary School in Rakai District, who were visiting the State of Georgia on an exchange program with Heritage Elementary School in Macon, Georgia.

Flex Kayanja Kabuye has actively pursued business opportunities, but in addition, he has also worked tirelessly in the community and with UNAA to uplift the living standards of those less fortunate than he is. His experience with UNAA began in 1998. He has served as a Board Member on the Management Board of UNAA International in various capacities for the past ten years. He has served with five of the past presidents of UNAA. Today, he also serves as the president of UNAATLANTA, the Atlanta chapter of UNAA. Flex Kayanja Kabuye has the knowledge and experience to take UNAA to the next level of excellence.

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