Tsega Gebreyes

Name: Tsega Gebreyes

Location: London, England

Profession: Investment Banker

Tsega Gebreyes is Founding Partner and CEO of Satya Capital Limited, a private investment firm specializing in Africa-related investment. Satya Capital invests across the African continent, primarily in financial services, FMCG, energy and natural resources, with an investment target of US$20m or above.

Tsega began her career in 1996 after graduating with an MBA from Harvard University. After stints with Citibank and McKinsey Associates, she joined Celtel International as a director in 1999. Subsequently, she served as member of the executive management team, assumed responsibility for driving the group’s acquisition and expansion into new markets and business segments. Ms Gebreyes was responsible for key acquisitions made by Celtel. In 2005, Ms Gebreyes led the competitive M&A process that resulted in acceptance of Mobile Telecommunications Company’s US $3.4 billion offer to Celtel’s shareholders to acquire Celtel. This transaction is one of the largest corporate deals ever involving a company operating in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Prior to Celtel, Ms Gebreyes was a founding partner of NAOF, a US $120 million private equity Fund currently managed by Zephyr Asset Management. The Fund was established to make investments in Sub-Saharan African countries with the backing of US financial institutions, including CitiGroup as anchor investor. Ms Gebreyes was responsible for the fundraising and closing of the Fund. Subsequently, she led investment activities and served as director on a number of operating company Boards.

Satya Capital is currently engaged in exploring investment opportunities in Ethiopia across a number of areas as part of its broader strategy to extract superior returns for its investors from opportunities in Africa.

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