Apollo Gafaranga Rwanda Millionaire

Humorous, down to earth, intelligent, Apollo Gafaranga is one of those successful entrepreneurs in the country. He is the proprietor of the newly established sophisticated cinema hall in Nyamirambo, famously known as Cine Star Cinema. He is also into real estate.

Life as a child…,

Very stubborn especially at school but at my best behaviour at home. My parents were very strict.

What do you like doing most?

Working. I’m involved in different business projects that really require my serious attention.

When depressed…

I go to the gym, watch movies, especially comedies or listen to my favourite music by Rihanna, T.I, Akon and R. Kerry.


Doing physical exercise, partying with friends, adventuring and reading books.

Craziest thing you have ever done?

[Laughs] Ok, I guess this is a question that can cause me problems. Anyway, let’s say…when I was a teenager, I used to escape home for night clubs, and I would bribe our night watchman to cover me up.

Role model?

There are two. My young brother Amini Gafaranga, the MTN Rwanda Business Development Manager and P. Diddy, an American record producer, rapper, actor, men’s fashion designer, entrepreneur and dancer. These two have a lot in common. They are extremely hardworking and innovative people.

If granted one wish…

To see the entire world peaceful and free from conflict!

Most disappointing moment....

When people mistake me for what I’m not.

Your motto...

“Hard work pays.”

Your earliest memory…

My mother’s love. She used to tell me that she loves me so much. And that always rings in my brain.

How can you describe your life?

Innovative, creative and hardworking. I’m also very conscious about business connections and how to deal with different people.

Future plans…

After accomplishing my cinema project, I intend to build a shopping mall in Nyamirambo.



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