Ivor Ichikowitz Millionaire Entrepreneur

Ivor Ichikowitz is an Industrialist and Philanthropist.


 Growing up in South Africa, he experienced first hand the challenges facing a country in transition. It is this background that drives his passion for democracy and his desire to help developing nations reach the stability needed to grow and prosper.

Ivor is a life-long proponent of Africa and its people and his interests stretch from local community initiatives to international trade and development. He believes that the continent has the potential to become an important global economic power. Over the last two decades he has been an active investor, employer and entrepreneur building numerous successful businesses across the continent.

Since the early 90s he has proudly supported initiatives that promote transformation and nation building in South Africa. He was active in the anti-apartheid struggle and has openly supported the African National Congress.

Ivor Ichikowitz carries forward a long family tradition of innovation, entrepreneurship and commitment to Africa. It is against this background that he founded the Ichikowitz Family Foundation which is the main vehicle of his family’s charitable work. The Foundation initiates and supports educational and developmental programmes that empower Africa's young people to seize the new century's opportunities.

He is a keen photographer and wildlife enthusiast and is married with two children.

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