ROGER NZABA Millionaire Congo Brazzaville Businessman, Politician and Philanthropist

Dieudonne Roger Nzaba (born August 18, 1975 in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo), is an African businessman with interests in ITC, Investment Holdings, telecommunications, Media and publishing, financial services (banking and insurance), Energy saving and green solutions among others. Since 2006, He has been a chairman and CEO of Itel Group Holdings. Nzaba was one of the continent first OEM and ODM specialists with his computer brand ITEL being sold around Southern Africa in the early 2000's. Founder and Honorary chairman of the Roger Nzaba Foundation( that offers Educational bursaries and supports socio-development programs around the African Continent.
Nzaba was educated in the Republic of Congo and the South Africa, obtaining a BA (Organizational Sciences: Sociology), an MBA and Doctorate (Sociology) DegreesNzaba is a self-made man, working his way to the top .He joined Avotiex import-Export as a driver and warehouse assistant and afterwards Silkent Freight as an import -export clerk. In 2001, after years of experience in shipping and freights forwarding, he formed United Business Services international and subsequently United Business Services Africa in 2003.United Business Services Africa was used by the UN as the outsourcer of choice to transport aid to refugees in the war torn Democratic republic of Congo. In 2005, Dieudonne Roger Nzaba formed Itel Group Holdings, holding company for :Itel computers, Itel Properties, Eastern Outsource and Rio Golden Media T/A Rio24 TV. Nzaba is married to Cherita Christia Nesus Hymath-Nzaba and has 3 children.

Dr. Roger Nzaba hails from Congo Brazzaville; he is a businessman, philanthropist and politician who lives between South Africa and Canada. He also enjoys strong ties in France and elsewhere in Europe. He claims to be committed in the struggle to “restore the lost dignity of the Congolese people”. In addition to his business, Dr. Roger holds the Roger Nzaba Foundation which provides assistance to the poor and those who, for lack of resources, are unable to pursue higher education. He is gearing up to participate as a candidate for the forthcoming presidential election in Congo Brazzaville.
The political struggle of Dr. Roger Nzaba focuses on the rehabilitation and development sectors of education, health and basic infrastructures. The man believes, in fact, that the Congolese government does not make those issues its priorities, since the incumbent President Denis Sassou Nguesso is interested merely in multiplying contracts for the sale of oil in the bid to make friends and remain forever at the country’s highest office. Moreover, Dr.Nzaba relies on the support of his fellow Congolese to thwart Sassou Nguesso’s plan “to put his son to represent his party in the next election in 2016”. “The Republic of Congo”, he added, “is a country in humanitarian crisis with the increase in poverty under a system of oppression of the political opposition and stifling of civil society organizations that work for the restoration of human rights”.

Among its grassroots actions in South Africa, Dr. Roger Nzaba Foundation has equipped a home for the elderly in Soweto with a powerful generator, donated in kind, as well as a check for the survival of the center. The foundation has also provided mattresses and food and donated a check of ten thousand rand (R10.000.00) to a center for children in the same famous township. Based in South Africa, the
Roger Nzaba Foundation is equally represented in France, and is in the offing a plan for its expansion in Africa, starting with its establishment in Congo Brazzaville.

The EurekAfrika hounds had the privilege to meet with Dr. Nzaba at the occasion of his visiting the Diaspora of Congo Brazzaville in Yeoville. They were impressed by his calmness, serenity, confidence, deep listening sense, and a rational innovative mind. Captivated by his abovementioned sting of qualities, most of the Congolese replied to him by reciprocating with their full support of the young politician and expressed their desire to return home in the near future. They see him as a man who embodies the “hope of a better future for the Congolese people”. In other words, for them, he is the man who incarnates the profoundest aspirations of the people of Congo Brazzaville for a total change in the perspective of human rights, democracy-building, and good governance.

Dr. Roger Nzaba, strikingly humble, still considers himself as "a voice (among so many others) to defend the interests of all the Congolese" to whom he reassures that "they can trust him"
Thus he is now calling on them to join him in this fight that requires the contribution of  each of them. He is traveling all over the world to meet and listen to his fellow citizens and start building a project of making a strong front against Sassou's plan. Thanks to his late strategies, we can ensure you that, internationally, he is gaining good endorsement by the Congolese people and many other foreign political analysts.
With him the Congolese dream is on the verge of becoming a reality. He said he does love the Congo and doesn’t mind to devote himself for the better future of the land of his ancestors. Let's give him a chance.

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