Zororo Makamba Radio Personality, Broadcaster, Entrepreneur and Communication expert

Zororo Makamba Zimbabwe Radio Personality, Broadcaster, Entrepreneur and Communication expert

He is passionate about communication, whether it be communicating his own thoughts, facilitating the communication of others through his radio talk shows or communicating a message about the products and services that he sells to customers and potential customers of the mobile telecommunications company he works for.

He is keen to communicate with others through this web site and other social communications channels, not only to let you know what he thinks about this or that subject but to hear what you and others have to say.

Broadcasting is one of my passions. I host four radio programmes every week on ZiFM Stereo, one of which, a current affairs programme called Impact, is broadcast twice a week. Another is a discussion programme on culture, while the other two are sponsored by Telecel, one of Zimbabwe’s leading mobile telecommunications companies.

I was a judge, alongside business mogul Philip Chiyangwa, on a Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation television programme called My Own Boss, a reality show in which prospective or budding entrepreneurs compete, performing business tasks in teams, with the judges evaluating their performance and deciding who should be eliminated each week.

I am on a management development programme with Telecel Zimbabwe and have had opportunities there to influence the way in which the company communicates with its subscribers and potential subscribers and promotes the services and products it provides.

I have special access to Sales, Distribution, Marketing and Information Technology. I have spent time working in Telecel’s call centre providing customers with information and assistance, in the corporate sales department selling both pre-paid and contract lines to high income individuals and companies, and in the public relations department where I have been involved in organising sponsored, staff and Press events and in providing briefs for press releases.

I believe utilising social media is important for any company, as well as innovation and new ways of working. I have been involved at Telecel with handling the company’s Facebook, website, Twitter and linked-in platforms.

I attained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from Michigan State University, in the United States, specialising in Sales Communication.

While at university I spent three months as an intern at Aircel, a mobile telecommunications network in India, where I contributed to creating solutions to low utilisation at some sites, leading to an increase in traffic and revenue generation.

I have also spent time as an intern at Ibbamo Foundation, a South African foundation that develops and supports targeted educational programmes for young people who are committed to building a better South Africa.

I live in Harare, Zimbabwe, which is where I was born on 17 January 1990, the youngest in a family of four children. I grew up in Zimbabwe, South Africa and England and did my secondary education at St John’s College in Harare. My father, James Makamba, was a pioneer of broadcasting in Zimbabwe and is a prominent businessman. My mother Irene has been a teacher, nurse and business manager.

Having spent a great deal of time outside Zimbabwe, I am keen to get to know my country better, particularly some of its amazing tourism and leisure attractions.

No matter how beautiful the shoes are, they still have to go on the ground

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