Cuthbert Dube Zimbabwe Millionaire


The CEO - Dr C. E. Dube
Dr Cuthbert Dube is the Group Chief Executive Officer of Premier Service Medical Aid and Premier Service Medical Investments (Pvt) Ltd.
Dr Dube holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Doctorate in Business Administration.
Before he joined P.S.M.A.S he was the first black person to be appointed Chief Accountant of Shell Zimbabwe.
Over the years, Dr Dube has been recognized both nationally and internationally through the conferment of the following prestigious awards:-
1. Manager of the year award from the Zimbabwe Institute of Management - (2002).
2. Second Runner-up to Manager of the Decade from the Zimbabwe Institute of Management - (2003).
3. Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Business Practice from a Geneva-based Institute (Switzerland) - (2004).
4. Business man of the year Award conferred on him by the National Chamber of Commerce in Zimbabwe in 2006
5. International Quality Award (Gold Category) from Business Initiative Directors, New York, USA - (2008).
6. International Golden Award for Quality and Business Prestige from a Berlin –based Institute (Germany) - (2009).
7. International Star for Quality Award from a Geneva- based Institute (Switzerland) - (2010).
8. Global Award for Perfection, Quality and Ideal Performance conferred on him in Berlin, Germany in 2010
9. Majestic Five Continents Award for Quality and Excellence conferred on him in Rome, Italy in 2011.
10. Diamond Award conferred on him on 28 May 2012 in New York, United States of America.
The significance of all these awards are reflected by the fact that Dr Dube took over an organization with 100,000 members, and it now stands at a membership of well over 630,000. The organization continued growing while going through the economic hardships the country went through right up to dollarization.
Dr Dube also sits on and chairs the following boards:
1. West End Hospital (Pvt) Ltd Chairman
2. Claybank Private Hospital (Pvt) Ltd Chairman
3. Shashi Private Hospital (Pvt) Ltd Chairman
4. PSMI Clinical Laboratories Chairman
5. PSMI Medical and Dental Clinics (Pvt) Ltd Chairman
6. PSMI Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd Chairman
7. Healthshield Medical Services (Zambia) (Pvt) Ltd Chairman
8. Premier Service Medical Aid Society(Zambia) (Pvt) Ltd Chairman
9. Zimbabwe Brain Tumor Association Chairman
10. Groombridge Residents Association Chairman
11. Jongwe Printing and Publishing Co. (Pvt) Ltd Chairman
12. The People’ s voice Newspaper Chairman
13. Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation(ZBC) Chairman
14. Zimbabwe Football Association(ZIFA) President
15. Surbaban Medical Centre Board Member
16. Simon V Muzenda Scholarship Foundation Treasurer
17. Jairos Jiri Association (for the disabled) Patron
18. Harare Union of Journalists Patron
19. Confederation of African Football(CAF) Committee Member
20. FIFA Committee Member
Dr Dube is 58 years old.
Besides his P.S.M.A.S role he is also the President of the Zimbabwe Football Association and is a keen follower of the beautiful game.
He sponsors a football tournament for both men and women, dedicated to the memory of his late wife, Slyvia.
CUTHBERT Dube, the sacked Premier Service Medical Aid Society group chief executive officer, retired late last year but was immediately re-employed on a contract basis and with a raft of benefits that indicate he could have earned well more than the reported US$6 million per annum.

A well-placed source yesterday revealed more details of Dube’s salary and benefits.
“His new contract was supposed to last for the next 10 years,” said the source.

Dube was to get a lump sum payment of $500,000 every five years as a loyalty bonus and PSMAS was to buy him a house worth at least $500,000 when he retired.

He had travel allowances averaging US$48,000 per trip regardless of the destination, and a further $17,000 for his partner. They would both fly first class.

Dube was paid sitting allowances by the board and for 13 other committees that he sat on, netting him around $32,000 every month. These committees included those for audit, benefits, constitution, procurement, finance and budget.
In 2013, Dube got $40,000 per week for three months for his medical treatment.
Further, he got free groceries, unlimited fuel, unlimited hotel stay and free medical aid cover every month, on top of his salary.
In addition, he was given a 20 percent stake in both PSMAS and its subsidiary, Premier Service Medical Investments (Pvt) Ltd.

He also had two guards at his two residential houses for 24 hours, two maids, two gardeners, two chefs and two drivers. All these were paid for by PSMAS.

Sources said several executives also had slightly lower benefits.
The organisation has eight executives who earned not less than $60,000 each per month.

“The salaries, allowances and benefits are way beyond the Zimbabwean economy,” one source said. “What is really bad is that PSMAS is failing to meet its obligation of paying service providers on behalf of their members.”

Health and Child Care Minister Dr David Parirenyatwa said yesterday that they were still looking into affairs at PSMAS.
“We’re doing everything that we can to make sure sanity prevails at PSMAS for the benefit not only of the society’s members, but the country at large,” he said.

PSMI managing director Dr Farai Muchena has taken over as acting CEO at PSMAS, while Luckson Zembe was appointed substantive board chair.

The board has reduced the salaries of all executives, but the group CEO will still get $60,000 monthly – down from Dube’s $230,000.

Cuthbert Dube
Position: former PSMAS CEO
Stated Salary: US$530 000
What has he done while earning that salary?:
Under Dube’s tenure Premier Service Medical Aid Society expanded its portfolio to create PMSI which saw the giant society acquire many properties around the country and offer its own medical services, from the basic to specialist care.
But somewhere along the line, he seems to have lost the plot as he started concentrating on his soccer administration role at the expense and detriment of PSMAS.
By the time of his removal, many of the society’s clients were unhappy with the service they were receiving. Those who were not lucky enough to be near a PSMI service provider risked being turned away by the service providers who were owed almost $50 million by PSMAS.
As part of his fleet, Dube boasts of a 2013 model Range Rover Evoque with a price of tag of about US$110 000 and a Land Cruiser V8 which cost around US$90 000. Parked at his homestead yesterday were two low slung sports cars whose make, ownership and other details remain unknown. But they sure did look pricey.

Residence: Dube resides in an imposing double storey house in Groombridge behind an all screening pre-cast wall. The huge pile is still being guarded by uniformed PSMAS security officers.
Personal Style:
Cuthbert Dube dresses his age in boring suits and plain shirts. But he seems to be a host par excellence with many political luminaries said to be regular partakers at his table.
Interesting tidbits:
Cuthbert Dube flew to Nigeria to consult TB Joshua. He is said to have lost the use of his lower limbs which was restored by the prophet’s healing.

Perhaps due to the deliverance or to the overriding health problems, those in the know say the man who used to be a partaker of fine liquor is now a teetotaller.
The bar at his former office at PSMAS headquarters along George Silundika is said to have felt that conversion as all alcohol immediately disappeared from the scene.
But he is said to be still a very good friend to some high-ups who have been presented with bottles of the best.