Neil Anthony Zimbabwean Private Chef

Neill Anthony with Sarah Graham on the Bitten TV set
Neill Anthony, is a personal chef and TV cooking star based in Cape Town, South Africa.  He spent 10 years in Europe, honing his skills in the professional kitchens of Gordon Ramsay, Alyn Williams, Jerome Henry and Marcus Wareing.  On his return to Cape Town he became a personal chef, cooking restaurant quality food for clients in the comfort and safety of their own homes.   Being passionate about ingredients and producers, Neill uses only the best in local, seasonal produce as he believes that this translates to better food on the plate.
Where did you train as a chef?
I came from a really foodie family in Zimbabwe, so it started at home.
Have you worked outside South Africa?
I worked for Gordon Ramsay for 7 years.  I worked at The Groucho Club, Petrus and at Hospital Road.
Do you consider it important for a chef to work outside of South Africa?
For me, it was a big advantage, but you have to be prepared to adapt when you come home.
What do you like to eat most?
Food prepared with care an attention
Do you have a childhood or Mom food memory?
My mother was an amazing cook – a very forward thinking cook
What is your morning routine?Gym!

Neill in Matt Alison’s urban veggie garden
Do you prefer using organic and low carbon footprint produce?I like what Matt Allison is doing with his Urban Farming project – eat less, but eat better quality.
What’s your Favourite Dish on your menu now?
Anything fresh seasonal and sustainable.
Restaurant you would like to do?
Anthony Demetre Today’s Special
Always in your fridge at home?Butter, Sparkling Water, Richard Bosman’s Bacon, Parmesan, Fresh fruit.

Saffron risotto, sautéed baby squid
by Neill Anthony
Craziest Wine Purchase?
A bottle of Chateau Yquem in Paris
Key Wardrobe Item?Pencil
Talent you would like to have?
Would like to be a pro footballer

Neill’s Carrot cake, carrot puree, walnuts, cream cheese & marshmallow
What is your Desert-Island Disc?
Someone playing the bagpipes
Bedside Book?
Michel Roux – 
Cooking with the Masterchef: Food for Your Family and Friends
One guest for dinner – who would that be?
José Mourinho
Guilty Pleasures?
Twitter @neiLLanthony

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