Vivian Reddy Edison Power Group

Vivian Reddy is a story of rags to riches, achieved through sheer determination and hard work. He is a great success story and shining example of the resilience and trailblazing new generation of Black South Africans. He started Edison Power with R500 and a bakkie and today Edison Power Group is the largest electrical company in South Africa, employing 2000 people with a multibillion Rand turnover. Born in Durban and from very humble beginnings, he has virtually single-handedly created a business empire with diverse interests in energy, casinos, healthcare, financial services and property development.

His stature and profile easily dwells among that of the top icons in South Africa and he commands the respect of both the financial and political hierarchy in this country and most parts of Africa.

On the road map to his formidable success, Vivian Reddy has never abandoned his commitment to contributing to the upliftment of the poverty stricken and downtrodden - providing amongst other things, numerous educational bursaries and launching and sponsoring the orphans of Aids Trust. Vivian Reddy's philanthropy extends to him being a patron of over 10 organizations in the fields of education, religion, the disabled, welfare organizations, community centers, health associations, feeding schemes, conservation programs, peace initiatives and cultural initiatives. The impoverished community of the Bayview Flats refer to him as a 'Community Hero' and he is in the process of creating a Community Centre and Soup Kitchen in the area which is home to the poorest of the poor.

Recently, he purchased the Luthuli Art Collection, which is to be donated to the Chief Albert Luthuli Museum in Groutville, on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Chief Luthuli receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. The leading political, religious and business leaders in the country have acknowledged and are deeply appreciative of Mr Reddy's great philanthropic spirit. His successful track record has been underlined by numerous international and humanitarian awards that span from recognition in Japan, of his contribution to development of the Previously Disadvantaged People in South Africa to The Paul Harris International Fellowship Award for recognition of his contribution to the society.

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